Join the Sustainability Fair

Special Areas -

Area B (Light Green) - Reserved for vendors with animal exhibits.

Area E (Dark Green) - Reserved for prepared food vendors.

Area F (Light Purple) - Reserved for vendors with special space needs.



The Greenville Sustainability Fair is your opportunity to strut your stuff, sell your wares, make new customers, speak, teach, demo, and build a viable repeat market in the North Texas area. Our market attendees reach far beyond Greenville and even beyond DFW into all areas of North and Northeast Texas. For a very small fee, you can reach a broad market of sustainability seekers who want what you have to offer!

We are now accepting applications for the 2013 Sustainability Fair.  We have lots of space available for exhibitors, food vendors, local crafters & artisans, local farmers and non-profit groups. 
Best Western in Greenville is offering a special rate of $84 per night on Friday and Saturday October 18th & 19th, for vendors and attendees.


Booth Rates
Small (approx. 10 x 8) $25

Medium (approx. 10 x 17) $30

Need a covered booth? All covered booths are now reserved.  If you wish to have cover you will need to provide your own canopy.
Need access to electricity? Add $10 (Small booths may have only one plug available, and no more than two. A limited number of 30amp outlets are available for prepared food vendors.)


Livestock Exhibitors: Special booths in grassy area.(see Event Map, Area F).  Contact us for availability and rates.
Food Vendors: Special booths in area with tables. Contact for information  or 972-251-1532.

Special Space Requirements:  Are available (see Event Map, Area F) for groups or for demonstrations. Our spacious large booths are more than adequate for most demonstrations of your wares. If you do need more space, though, contact us for availability and rates.



Non-profit organizations (with 501c3 designations): No charge. Fill out form and then do not pay.


Current Farmers Market Vendors: Call for special rates.
Classes and Demos: We are looking for people who are willing to speak or present a class to a group for 50 minutes (40 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions).  We would also like to find people who are willing to do and educational demonstration that will require space beyond that of a booth.


Sponsors & Partners: In order to keep our event affordable for everyone, we welcome sponsors to help us with expenses in exchange for visibility both before, during, and after the fair. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities at the Greenville Sustainability Fair, please contact us at   or 972-251-1532.


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